• suggesting how things can be improved at the Club

  • put forward new ideas to help in the future development of the Club

  • have input into the decision making

Team Meeting

Lindley Out of School Club is a Registered Charity and the Management Team is overseen by a voluntary committee made up of parents like you.

The role of a committee member is to share ideas and have the opportunity to have their say, plus


To all the families of Lindley Out of School Club

Your club needs you!

Our Club is only able to run because of parents’ attendance at Committee meetings. Meetings are held every 6/8 weeks and we ask you to attend at least one meeting a year.

We know how important the Club is to working parents, so we appeal to you to come to a meeting to discuss how the Club is run and be involved in shaping Club decisions. Make sure that our Club remains open for you, your children and the staff we employ!

Kenny Simpson – Previous Committee Chair
‘The Club relies on the participation, ideas and time of the Committee so thank you to everyone who has taken part this year to assist with the running of the Club. Your time is much appreciated.

It’s very important for parents to take an active role in the Club’s future by attending Committee meetings – all parents/carers are welcome & if we don’t have a Committee we don’t have a Club’.

Next Committee Meeting - Tuesday 14th September
7.30pm on Zoom - please contact the office for the link

Committee meetings are held at St. Stephen's Church and last no more than an hour. Our AGM is held in October. Please take a few moments to read through the latest Chair Report from our AGM.

Future meetings:

Wednesday 13th October - AGM


Monday 6th December - 7.30pm


Our current committee consists of the following parents:

  • Rob Watson 

  • Bryn Jones                         

  • Graham McDougal                    

  • Sarah Smith                     

  • Kelly Armitage

  • Tanya Simmons

  • Jodie Wielgus

  • Maryke Woods


Vice Chair  



Without the support of our committee the Club could not operate and we are continually looking for new members. If you are able to spare a few hours and would be interested in joining the committee please speak to one of the parents listed above or contact the office on 07894 587130 / 01484 421714.

Below are some recent comments from our current/past  committee members:

  • ‘Being on the committee involves a couple of hours time every couple of months in the company of other working parents plus the amazing staff, to ensure LOSC runs well for our children. Tea and biscuits always available.’

  • ‘I enjoy being part of the Committee, as I feel I am more involved in my daughter’s welfare’.

  • ‘Being a committee member helps me shape the care of my child’.

  • ‘Being part of the committee is important to me as without the committee, the club doesn’t exist.  This was my initial reason for joining.  Over the last few years I have been involved in a lot of decisions about how the club is run, from discussions about what snacks children should have at club, to recruiting new members of staff.  Its given me a real insight into the work that the whole team do and I can really see the impact that our input that we as parents have, to make sure the club continues to run.’