Your Club needs you!

To all the families of Lindley Out of School Club

Our Club is only able to run because of parents’ attendance at Committee meetings. Meetings are held 3 times per term and we ask you to attend at least one meeting a year.

We know how important the Club is to working parents, so we appeal to you to come to a meeting to discuss how the Club is run and be involved in shaping Club decisions. Make sure that our Club remains open for you, your children and the staff we employ!

Upcoming Committee Meeting dates for 2019 are Monday 4th February and Tuesday 19th March. They are held at St. Stephen’s Church at 7.30pm. Thanks for your support.


Kenny Simpson – Committee Chair

‘The Club relies on the participation, ideas and time of the Committee so thank you to everyone who has taken part this year to assist with the running of the Club. Your time is much appreciated.

It’s very important for parents to take an active role in the Club’s future by attending Committee meetings – all parents/carers are welcome and if we don’t have a Committee we don’t have a Club’.


your-country-needs-youYOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU