To all the families of Lindley Out Of School Club

So, after 4 years as Chair of the Committee, and with my child off to high school I have resigned my position and wanted to thank you for having me as your Chair – it’s been a really enriching experience.

I attended my first club meeting back in 2009 when my child started at infants because, as a new parent, I knew I had to attend at least 1 meeting a year.

I didn’t know what to expect but, you know what, everyone there wanted the same thing – to make sure the club remained open!

Without your attendance at the committee meetings the club will close – imagine that ….  Being a working parent I couldn’t have done without the club – what about you?

Over the last 7 years I have met some great people and been involved in shaping club decisions and I want to send a big Thanks to my fellow committee members and the whole staff team for all your commitment.

And to all parents and carers who haven’t yet taken part – please do! Come to a meeting! Even one a year! Keep the club open for you, your children and the staff we employ.

Thanks and wishing the club every success for the future.


your-country-needs-youYOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU